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Connect Mind with Breath, Movement and Muscle

The Iron Yoga Story

A week after racing at the 2002 Ironman USA triathlon in Lake Placid, New York, Anthony Carillo, the founder of Iron Yoga, was practicing yoga in his living room, as he regularly did 4-5 times per week.

While performing his favorite standing pose, Warrior 2, he felt the burn in his legs, and started to wonder how he could get that same muscle burn for his upper body.

Noticing his 5 pound dumbbell weights in the corner of his room, he picked them up, and began to perform a series of upper body weight training exercises while staying in his Warrior 2 pose.

Over the next 90 minutes, he combined common weight training exercises with his favorite yoga poses, and this was the beginning of what is now called "Iron Yoga."

The "Iron" refers not only to the dumbbells but also to Anthony's passion for the Ironman triathlon.


Take an Iron Yoga class at your local studio or gym, follow along with an online video or become a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher.

The Power of Iron Yoga

Iron Yoga is a truly unique practice that combines yoga poses with upper body weight training for a full body workout. It helps you reap the benefits of both yoga and weight training, with super fast and effective results.

While practicing some of your favorite standing and single leg balancing yoga asanas, you will incorporate light to moderate dumbbells to work your arms, shoulders, chest, back and core with over 25 different weight training exercises. The result is a full body shaping, toning and sculpting routine.

With Power Yoga as the foundation, the essence of Iron Yoga is the beautiful synergy between weight training and yoga.

Weight training is a discipline that requires a connection between mind and muscle, while yoga is an art form that connects mind, body and spirit. When the two are combined in an Iron Yoga practice, you benefit physically, mentally and spiritually.

Iron Yoga is an incredibly intense and challenging workout.

In each Power Yoga pose, your legs are active, your core is engaged and each weight training movement is controlled by the breath and performed with continuous tension through a full range of motion.

Iron Yoga is designed to help you achieve your health, fitness and weight management goals.

Power Yoga Poses

Allow your mind the limitless capacity to understand this unique practice called Iron Yoga, a full body-shaping, toning and sculpting routine.

Upper Body
Weight Training

Use dumbbells to work the arms, shoulders, chest, back and core while holding power yoga poses.

The Iron Yoga Logo

The Iron Yoga logo was inspired by Da Vinci's drawing of the Vitruvian Man.

Da Vinci believed that "the workings of the human body are an analogy for the workings of the Universe."

Holding this belief as we practice Iron Yoga allows us to deepen our practice, physically, mentally and spiritually, as we become fully aligned with the Universe.

Iron Yoga with Weights Iron Yoga with Weights