Combine the strength of weight training with the balance and focus of yoga

Build Strength

Holding power yoga poses with the legs strong and active and the core engaged, whilst utilizing dumbbells for upper body weight training improves lean muscle mass, and builds strength throughout the entire body.

Find Balance

Many of the Iron Yoga postures are single legged standing balance poses, such as Tree, Eagle and Warrior 3, improving physical balance. Connecting mind, body, breath and muscle enhances balance and focus in the mind.

Be Mindful 

Using the yogic Ujjayi breath, slow controlled movements, keeping continuous muscle tension through full range of motion, the Iron Yoga practice requires focused awareness and presence for a safe and mindful practice.

Combine Power Yoga with Upper Body Weight Training  

Iron Yoga is a challenging, intense full body workout utilizing dumbbells for upper body weight training exercises, while performing a series of power yoga poses for the core and lower body strength.



Achieve your health, fitness and weight goals

Iron Yoga is great for anyone looking to improve their health, meet their fitness goals, lose weight or deepen their yoga and mindfulness practice.

Iron Yoga with Weights

Iron Yoga is a unique and challenging practice that combines yoga poses with upper body weight training for a full body workout. It lets you reap the benefits of both yoga and weight training, with super fast results. While practicing some of your favorite standing and single leg balancing yoga asanas, you will incorporate light to moderate dumbbells to work your arms, shoulders, chest, back and core with over 25 different weight training exercises. The result is a full body shaping, toning and sculpting routine. Modifications are provided for different abilities.

In each Iron Yoga pose, your legs are active, your core is engaged and each weight training movement is controlled by the breath and performed with continuous tension through a full range of motion. With Power Yoga as the foundation, the essence of Iron Yoga is the beautiful synergy between weight training and yoga. Weight training is a discipline that requires a connection between mind and muscle, while yoga is an art form that connects mind, body and spirit. When the two are combined in an Iron Yoga practice, you benefit physically, mentally and spiritually.

Sample Iron Yoga Tree Sequence

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What makes Iron Yoga distinctive is that is has the combined benefits of yoga and weight training all in one workout.

Some of the key benefits include: improves lean muscle mass, increases flexibility and range of motion, sharpens mental focus and concentration, assists proper breathing techniques, fires up your metabolism, assists with weight management goals, enhances functional strength and muscular endurance, creates greater balance and symmetry, calms the body, while reducing stress and tension, and improves your overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

Improves Muscles Mass and Muscular Endurance

Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion

Sharpens Mental Focus and Concentration

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Iron Yoga in the Media

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Amy Mcclish -Amazon Review

Excellent workout! I have always loved yoga and weight lifting, and combining the two is incredible! This workout is challenging yet enjoyable. And for something that does not raise my heart rate much, I sure do work up a sweat. It combines light weights with traditional yoga postures, but adds movement to them to work muscles. What amazes me most is how effective it is on the core -- you have to really hold tight in order to hold the poses while doing the strength moves! I have enjoyed this workout more than almost any other I have purchased. I highly recommend it to seasoned yogis as well as those just wanting to learn!


Happy Buyer -Amazon Review

Amazing Workout - I was looking for a yoga-weight combination and this is the perfect workout. I can't believe it's an hour long and it went by so quickly. The instructor is terrific at guiding you through the session and for giving specific and precise instructions. The segments are so well organized that you're guaranteed to get an excellent workout. The pace is slow, but it doesn't mean you're not getting a good workout, in fact, you're targetting and isolating the muscles, working your balance, your breath all at once. It's multitasking at its best. I highly recommend this video, in fact, it's the best yoga-weight workout DVD out there!


Bree -Amazon Review

Marathon Cross Training - I started doing Yoga Sculpt last year at a local hot yoga studio and fell in love. Unfortunately, my schedule is super busy and I have been unable to make it to the studio. So I went on the hunt for a video that I could use when needed and found Iron Yoga. I loved the fact that the trainer is an Iron Man as I am training for my 2nd marathon and want to set a PR. I absolutely love this DVD. It doesn't have a "fun" factor to it, it is very serious, but he is really good and explains each movement and correction perfectly. I got a really great full body workout and will incorporate this DVD into my schedule over the next few months. There are three trainers each allowing you to modify if needed for each pose. He talks about muscle groups and focus for different sports during the workout which is nice, so you know why he is stretching your back or doing a lateral move. It is just under 1 hour and is a great way to get in some yoga sculpting!


G B Brown -Amazon Review

Great DVD - I've been doing some really high impact workouts - weights and resistance bands. The kind of workouts that leave you exhausted, sweaty and sore. This is the equal of any of them. The combination of balance and weight training is amazing. If you're looking for one of those body blasting aerobic workouts, this isn't it. If you want a great full body workout to invigorate, strenghten and build lean muscles, this is the one. I don't recommend just jumping in and starting. Do the routines without weights a couple times, build up to it then add weights and work up to the moderate, then advanced poses.


G B Brown -Amazon Review

Iron Yoga - I really liked this DVD because the added weights along with all the different yoga postures make it really challenging. I am a mouth breather, so trying to do yoga breathing in and out of the nose and concentrate on proper alignment and balance with the weights is an added challenge. I need to do all the balance poses that I can to try and help delay the progress my spino cerebral degeneration disease. I know this dvd will not only challenge me but give me the added balance I am trying to keep as long as I can. The instuctor gave clear advice on how to do the moves and breathing.


Melissa SF -Amazon Review

A Good No-Frills Workout! This is the first exercise video I found that I really like. I run, and needed something to work my upper body. So many of them are too cutesy and I generally find the perky instructors annoying rather than motivating. This is much more my speed - basic, straightforward and simply a good work out. I like that you can easily see the modifications with the beginner, intermediate and advance poses shown. Doing the different sequences keeps me varying my routine. It's also nice that I can just do one sequence on a day where I am pressed for time.


Grace -Amazon Review

Wow, first time doing Yoga and I love it! I bought this video after reading everyone else's reviews. My main goal is to get lean and not bulk up my muscles. I have done everything from the Biggest Loser videos to Taebo and they all leave me feeling tired and sore. This video however excercises more muscles than Taebo and makes me feel so relaxed after it's done it's amazing! The yoga poses really stretch your muscles and the added weights really challenge your strength. I think this exercise is the best I've done and I would highly recommend it for someone that want's to challenge all muscles and not feel exhuasted after it's done.

Meet the Iron Yoga Team

Our core Iron Yoga Team are located in California and New York. We have instructors all over the USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK.


New York


Creator and founder of Iron Yoga and a nationally ranked Ironman triathlete.


New York


Certified Iron Yoga Teacher, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.




Certified Iron Yoga Teacher, Yoga Retreat Leader, and Iron Yoga Teacher Trainer.

Anny Young



Certified Iron Yoga Teacher, Aqua Kriya Yoga Teacher and Registered Yoga Teacher.

Connect mind with breath, muscle, movement.

The foundation of the Iron Yoga practice is four basic principles, referred to as The Four Connections. These principles focus on completely integrating and connecting your mind, breath and body while practicing Iron Yoga.

"The mind is everything; what you think, you become" - Buddha