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We are thrilled to have Iron Yoga instructors in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland and Australia. If you'd like to join our team of Iron Yoga Instructors, feel free to check out our Iron Yoga Teacher Training classes to become a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher.

Anthony Carillo, Creator and Founder
New York, USA

Founder of Iron Yoga, Anthony Carillo is a nationally ranked Ironman triathlete and created the Iron Yoga method in 2005. Anthony has taught Iron Yoga classes at several New York City health clubs and has spent many years in the fitness industry as a spin instructor and triathlon coach. Anthony lives in Long Island, NY, with his beautiful wife and 3 awesome kids.

Amy Carillo, Master Instructor
New York, USA

Master Iron Yoga Instructor, Amy Carillo, has been teaching Iron Yoga since it was created in 2005. Amy is also a group fitness instructor and personal trainer and works with individuals, groups and corporates, helping people enhance their level of fitness and overall wellbeing. Amy lives in Long Island, NY, with her husband, Anthony Carillo, the founder of Iron Yoga, and 3 beautiful kids.

Sally Mitchell, Master Instructor
California, USA

Master Iron Yoga Instructor and E-RYT 200 Hr Yoga Alliance Teacher, Sally Mitchell has been teaching yoga and Iron Yoga since 2010. With an athletic background, Sally was a competitive runner and triathlete, and has found balance through yoga and meditation. Sally teaches the Iron Yoga Teacher Training classes and also runs her own Body Flows Yoga Retreats business, based in Sonoma, California.

Anne Bannen Taylor, Certified Instructor
New York, USA

Anne is a high school educator, certified yoga instructor and health coach. She finds immense value in yoga and weight lifting and loves being both a student and a teacher. Anne also enjoys cooking, craft beer, gardening, live music and hiking and strives to extend the benefits of a balanced lifestyle to all of those around her. Anne became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2021.

Anny Young, Certified Instructor
California, USA

Anny is a RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and Aqua Kriya Yoga Teacher. She teaches at a variety of health clubs and fitness centers in Monterrey, California. Inspired by her students who enjoy challenging themselves physically and mentally, Anny accommodates all levels and is attentive to everyone's unique needs. Anny lives in Monterrey with her husband, and enjoys sailing and living an active lifestyle. Anny became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2014.

Ian MacVicar, Certified Instructor
Nova Scotia, Canada

Ian is a former multi-sport athlete and a retired Canadian Armed Forces officer, both of which demanded discipline and focus, but led to numerous injuries in body and mind. Yoga is the cornerstone of his athletic endeavours now. Ian is a Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Certified Teacher, a Koru Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher (Trauma Informed), and he has taken numerous other courses on working with traumatized people employing Non-Violent Communication. He has also taught Intellectually and Developmentally Delayed adults. Ian is qualified in Restorative Yoga, Recuperative Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Core Yoga, Children's Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pregnancy/Post-partum Yoga, Seniors’ Yoga, and Ayervedic Yoga Therapy. He also teaches Mobility and Restorative Fitness for Breathing Space Yoga Studio Tantallon and for the Halifax Regional Municipality Recreation Commission. Ian has published articles on mental health and articles and book chapters on military and political subjects related to his former service. He holds a PhD, and is a frequent speaker on mental health and armed conflict. Ian became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2023.

Jeffrey Myers, Certified Instructor
Massachusetts, USA

Jeff received his yoga certification in the Vini Yoga methodology as well as completing the In-House Teacher Training course at the Baptiste Power Yoga Studio in Boston, MA. Other certifications include completing the Jon Kabat-Zinn 8-week Stress Reduction Program at the University of Massachusetts Center of Mindfulness, and Warriors at Ease training program which focuses on teaching yoga/meditation to military personnel and students suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Jeff has been recognized nationally for his work with veterans receiving the American Massage Therapy Association’s 2009 Humanitarian Award, and has appeared in articles for Massage Magazine and Massage Journal. Jeff became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2020.

Joanne Anger, Certified Instructor
Ontario, Canada

Joanne Anger is a Certified 500hr YTT instructor and is certified in Restorative Yoga, Accessible Yoga, Children's yoga, Trauma-informed yoga teaching and Mindfulness Movement. Joanne has always led an active life and is thrilled to be able to share her love of movement and strength. Joanne’s classes focus on building strength, stability and resilience through intentional, functional movement paired with the whole-body awareness and breath focus of yoga. She invites participants to be curious about how their bodies move, range of motion and most of all, to have fun as she and they move through all the stages of life. Participants of all ages have found her to be accessible and approachable. Joanne became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2020.

Josephine Russell, Certified Instructor
New Hampshire, USA

Josephine had her first yoga class on a slow boat to India back in the ’60s. Since then she has been on the yoga path in one form or another. Josephine and her husband, JC, served as volunteers in the Peace Corps in the early-mid ’70s. They served in the South Pacific. From there they moved to the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Josephine and her husband built their nest on twelve acres of forest land. They build a passive solar home to feel in harmony with nature. Their four children romped the woods in the dramatic four seasons of New England. Today their children all practice or teach yoga. In the early 90’s Josephine’s teacher, Sarvani, said “It is time for you to teach”. Josephine always felt proud that she became a teacher in the traditional way, which was to practice with a teacher for a long time, and then the teacher launches you off to teach. With that said, Josephine did go to teacher training at Kripalu in the Berkshires. Josephine has become a well-seasoned yoga teacher. She has taught gentle candlelight yoga, moderate yoga, beginner yoga, vigorous yoga, special needs yoga for back care, positive mental health, to build strong bones, and for folks with round bodies. She has studied and taught many workshops such as Yoga for Stress Reduction, Yoga for Eye Care, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga. Josephine has taken folks on yoga retreat to Peru, India, and Samoa. She has taught TTC in Bali, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and in her home of New Hampshire. They are all in Josephine’s pocket of expertise. Now she has added Iron Yoga!!!! Josephine became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2023.

Katherine Brown, Certified Instructor
Texas, USA

Katherine Brown is a wife and mom living in a small Texas town who finds it difficult to relax or exercise for herself. In steps Iron Yoga, the perfect solution. With deep breathing and calm workouts, it is centering; yet add the dumbbells and the challenging poses while lifting weights and strength fitness is back in the forefront! Katherine is excited about what this practice can do for her life and the lives of clients as she embarks on a new journey to strength, health, and a little peace in the chaos. Katherine teaches Iron Yoga at 4:13 All Things Fitness in Athens, TX. Katherine became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2022.

Kolton Durkin, Certified Instructor
Florida, USA

Kolton found yoga (or yoga found her, as they say) during an exceptionally challenging stretch of her life. Yoga helped her to face interpersonal relationships empathetically, grow physically stronger, and find a sense of belonging. Her classes focus on strength and flexibility for both the body and the mind, and she encourages finding your edge, breaking barriers, and having fun! Kolton completed her 200hr YTT in 2016 and is currently in a 300hr Advanced Studies Program. Kolton became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2021.

Lindsay Gray, Certified Instructor
Ontario, Canada

Lindsay Gray is a fitness and motivation coach, based in Ontario, Canada, who believes that self love comes first and progress comes second. She found this belief during her Kinesiology (the study of the human body in motion) degree. While studying she needed an outlet, and for this she found yoga and began her practice. Lindsay has a passion for fitness and has over 12 certifications, and owns her own studio called Vigor Advantage Fitness Studio in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Lindsay became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2020.

Marina Rousseau, Certified Instructor
Cork, Ireland

Marina (AniRam) is a Yoga Teacher based in Cork, Ireland. Always curious about new countries and cultures, Marina moved from France to Ireland, and traveled to India to become a Yoga Teacher.

She is also a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, and is currently learning about alternative therapy including Reiki and Life Coaching, to assist others with their overall health. Marina became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2020.

Michelle Reilly, Certified Instructor
Illinois, USA

Michelle (Chelle) is a RYS 200 Hr Vinysana Trained Yoga Teacher, CF-L1 CrossFit Trainer and 8+year avid CrossFitter. She runs half marathons, plays basketball and is a coach at heart. She loves a good workout in any form, and believes that yoga is for everyBODY!.

Sarasvati Dawson, Certified Instructor
Melbourne, Australia

Sarasvati trained and worked as a Medical Scientist, before her yoga teacher training with the Australian College of Classical Yoga (ACCY) in 2001, and she has been teaching Yoga and Meditation ever since. As Sarasvati’s interests changed and grew over the years, so have her yoga trainings and offerings. She has taught pregnancy yoga, mother and baby yoga, yoga for breast cancer, chair yoga and restorative yoga as well as her ongoing general yoga and meditation classes. Her current interest in Seniors yoga, and helping her clients stay strong and vibrant, led her to develop a weights yoga class and to study Iron Yoga. Most of Sarasvati’s regular classes are now online. She lives in bayside Melbourne, Australia and also loves teaching on yoga retreats in tropical places. Sarasvati’s book, ‘Yoga off the mat, freedom in everyday life’, and her pack of 52 Contemplation cards, are some of her offerings to inspire and aid your yoga journey. "I want to help you reach a state of physical wellbeing and inner freedom through Yoga and Meditation. Whatever your age, size, gender or shape, I am here to help you be fit, healthy and the most authentic and joyful self you can be." Sarasvati became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2023.

Tina Phillips, Certified Instructor
Oxfordshire, England

Tina is originally from Hastings in the UK and now living in Didcot. She started her passion as a gift to herself with her very first yoga class in 2002 and training to be a holistic therapist and healer. Over the years she has migrated her love and passion for all things spiritual and holistic working yoga alongside her business of Healing Therapies and spiritual work and she now runs healing yoga classes and mini retreats to incoporate energy and moon cycles, along with manifesting and helping people to become a lighter and more improved version of themselves by releasing stored emotions and trauma. She loves to keep herself updated with new things to bring to her classes, and she can't wait to bring Iron Yoga to the journey of her students. Tina became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2023.

Amy McLean, Certified Instructor
Tennessee, USA

Amy became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2020.

Angela Kimberley, Certified Instructor
Stoke-on-Trent, England

Angela became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2021.

Cherie Seidler, Certified Instructor
Vancouver, Canada

Cherie became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2020.

Emily Nesbit, Certified Instructor
Pennsylvania, USA

Emily became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2022.

Hazel Buckley, Certified Instructor
Cork, Ireland

Hazel became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2023.

Heidi Fowler, Certified Instructor
Florida, USA

Heidi became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2024.

Jake Gilmore, Certified Instructor
North Carolina, USA

Jake became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2021.

Jean Wolfgang, Certified Instructor
California, USA

Jean became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2020.

JT Boss, Certified Instructor
Florida, USA

JT Boss became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2020.

Judith Starkey, Certified Instructor
Wiltshire, England

Judith became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2023.

Lesia Anderson, Certified Instructor
Michigan, USA

Lesia became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2023.

Linda Kiernan Knowles, Certified Instructor
Drogheda, Ireland

Linda became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2023.

Lynn Power, Certified Instructor
New Jersey, USA

Lynn became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2021.

Martin Zerfhas, Certified Instructor
Kent, England

Martin became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2020.

Melinda Rudio, Certified Instructor
California, USA

Angela became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2022.

Nancy Wikle, Certified Instructor
Montana, USA

Nancy became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2021.

Natalie Young, Certified Instructor
Nova Scotia, Canada

Natalie became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2023.

Patsy Kain, Certified Instructor
Indiana, USA

Patsy became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2021.

Ramone Lewis, Certified Instructor
Melbourne, Australia

Ramone became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2021.

Shelly Ross, Certified Instructor
California, USA

Shelly became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2023.

Tracey Graham, Certified Instructor
Ontario, Canada

Tracey became a Certified Iron Yoga Teacher in 2022.